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What Do You Consume The Most?

The air volume you consume daily is over 11,000+ litres and therefore must mimic the optimal natural state found in forests and pristine environments to support wellness.

These natural environments contain a dense, well balanced ion concentration for effective allergen prevention and respiratory relief.

Breathing easy with air in this energetic form promotes homeostatic balance within every cell in the body. This allows for systematic reduction of free radicals which are the primary cause of chronic oxidative stress and the resulting bio-inflammatory response.


With You, For Natural Wellness.

This every day, essential restores the air around you to a clean, energetic form with an ideal natural ion balance.

This not only removes impurities but, also boosts cellular function and suppresses damage from toxic volatile chemicals in the air by enhancing the body’s antioxidant defence system.

The BIO PAD generates a pulsed, magnetic scalar earth frequency field which supports coherent alpha waves for a range, up to 40 metres in diameter.

In addition, the plasma pod ion infusion actively restores natural air balance while targeting multispectrum airbourne impurities, pollutants and pathogens.  

Clean. Powerful. Passive.

The BIOPAD produces nano-Plasma Pod ions which function in deactivating multi-spectrum pathogens including viruses, harmful bacteria, mould and other airborne synthetic substances found in modern environments.

The BIO PAD passively purifies up to 99% efficiency without any adverse gas or compound by-products, only the addition of water.

Mimicking a natural bio-engineered environment, the BIO PAD targets and neutralises pathogenic impurities via hydroxyl reaction. This disables the pathogen protein structure through extracting hydrogen ions.

Environmental Air Ion Concentration
Mountains / Forest

The BIO PAD utilises voltage plus surrounding water and oxygen in the air to produce postive (+) hydrogen ions and negative (-) oxygen ions. 


These ions (O - and H+) combine with surrounding water (H20) to produce stable plasma pod ions.


The hydroxyl reaction inhibits the pathogen via extracting hydrogen ions and produces water as a clean byproduct.

 A modern tool, scientifically supported for biological balance within our evolving, electronic era.

This everyday essential is developed and designed by our Australian bio-medical engineering, inspired by groundbreaking biomagnetism and plasma purification research.

 Restoring The Ideal Balance, With Continuous Ease.

With a range of up to 20+ metres, typical workplace and home environments can be passively optimised to a natural, clean and fresh state.

This non-physical filtering approach removes the need for maintenance while producing powerful purification with continuous ease.

Scalar Earth Field Range
Up to 40+ metres
Plasma Air Purification Range
Up to 20+ metres

Native and Non-Native EMF

It is critical that we all understand how everything alive is effected by the subtlest changes in magnetic and electric fields surrounding us. Drowning out the Earth's natural frequency by overlaying it with manmade radiation, is having devastating effects on our immune system, which is causing all kinds of illnesses from just feeling more stressed, fatigued and "out of balance", to actually getting cancer. All these very high frequencies cause disturbances in cell-to-cell and brain to cell communication. This radiation is silent and invisible, but the cells in the body of living beings are adversely affected by it.

Schumann Resonance

At any given moment about 2,000 thunderstorms roll over Earth, producing some 50 flashes of lightning every second. Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle around Earth captured between Earth's surface and the ionosphere. Some of the waves - if they have just the right wavelength - combine, increasing in strength, to create a repeating standing wave similar to an atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann resonance.

Explore the ground-breaking and scientifically supported benefits, reintroduced with the BIO PAD.

Plasma Purification Benefits

Air Ion Purification

Passive Purification

 A diverse utilisation of plasma pod ions has shown promising results for medical applications.

The technology has shown a powerful and passive method to assist in multiple disease models. 

Due to the safety and effectiveness, the adoption of using plasma pod ions serves as a new frontier in hospitals and general medical use.  

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Viral Inactivation

 Viral Inactivation

  Wide scope research on plasma ion production has showcased an effective alternative to air purification specifically in regards to pathogenic viral control.

The plasma ion research shows a direct targeting of multi-spectrum viruses through pathway breakdown and antiviral mechanisms. 

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Respiratory Relief

 Respiratory Relief 

  With global air quality decreasing and an ever increasing concentration of air particulates within modern environments, allergy and respiratory function can become dysfunctional and therefore typically see the subsequent inflammatory effects.

Using air plasma purification to address indoor air quality has shown an effective reduction in PM2.5 . This is a key indicator for supporting issues to respiratory function, typically alarming for breathing preconditions such as asthma and various adverse health outcomes. 

Asilevi, P.J., Boakye, P., Oduro-Kwarteng, S. et al. Indoor air quality improvement and purification by atmospheric pressure Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP). Sci Rep 11, 22830 (2021)

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Bacterial Breakdown

 Bacterial Breakdown

  Targeting the proliferation of various bacterial colonies within modern environments allows for a continuous control in multi spectrum outbreaks. 

Using plasma ion technology, bacteria inactivation occurs at a complete cyclical level, including DNA breakdown and spore immobilisation of airborne bacterial variants.  

Xiao, D.; Cheng, C.; Lan, Y.; Ni, G.H.; Shen, J.; Meng, Y.D.; Chu, P.K. Effects of Atmospheric-Pressure Nonthermal Nitrogen and Air Plasma on Bacteria Inactivation. IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 2016, 44, 2699–2707

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 

   Air quailty within modern environments are exposed to industrial pollution, specifically the intake of VOC's which damage cellular, CNS and organ systems.

Effective decomposition utilising plasma production addresses common indoor concentrations of pollutants. These are neutralised continuously via plasma pod ion emission without adverse byproducts.

These studies serve as an innovative insight to addressing air quality improvement in various environmental applications.   

Bo, Z. et al. Effects of oxygen and water vapor on volatile organic compounds decomposition using gliding arc gas discharge. Plasma Chem. Plasma Process. 27, 546–558 (2007)

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Petro-Chemical Pollutants

 Petro-Chemical Pollutants 

  Industrial and commercial air pollutant production in conjunction with the use of petrochemicals has adversely impacted air quality on a global environmental level. 

 Effective decomposition of various toxic and hazardous compounds via plasma pod ion breakdown is an effective application to modern air environments.

Various studies are revealing a safe, passive option to target these impurities with no toxic byproducts.    

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BioMagnetism Benefits




The pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin and therefore for the management of the sleep hormone. The pineal gland is able to detect electromagnetic fields. Biological implications of the pineal gland in connection to electromagnetic fields has been researched for over 45 years. The importance of this earth field biological timing is crucial to the function of both melatonin and serotonin balance.

B W Wilson, C W Wright, J E Morris, R L Buschbom, D P Brown, D L Miller, R Sommers Flannigan, L E Anderson 1990 Evidence for an Effect of ELF Electromagnetic Fields on Human Pineal Gland Function Journal of Pineal Research 9:259-269 





Via the use of an electroencephalography (EEG), it was proven that the brain generates electromagnetic waves in the low-frequency range (1-40Hz). Human brainwaves oscillate particularly within the same range as the Schumann resonance and influence brain wave activity. Both cell to cell and brain to cell communication relies on this earth resonance system to control and maintain optimal biochemical synthesis.

M Kozlowski, J Marciak-Kozlowska 2015 Schumann Resonance and Brain Waves: A Quantum Description, DOI: 10.14704/nq.2015.13.2.795 Neu Qua 2015; 2: 196-204 




The established biophysical pathway between the resonant absorption of very weak ULF/ELF environmental earth fields in the brain is vital for supporting an optimal cellular calcium ion homeostasis, altered EEG pattern and improved reaction times. The earth’s electromagnetic field interacts with the human brain via magnetic crystals. Neurobiological studies show that the resonance frequency of the hippocampus is the same as the earth’s field.

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 Certain brain regions such as the hippocampus, the hypothalamus and the pineal gland (epiphysis) come into resonance with the Schumann Resonances. The limbic system, which the hippocampus is part of, consists of several structures and is generally responsible for emotions, learning, digestion and reproduction. 

K Brucker 2011 Die Urkraft Kundalini: Phänomene erkennen, Symptome deuten, Transformation meistern O.W. Barth eBook; 1st Edt. 




According to approximately 120 studies conducted since 2003, a correlation between solar activity or GMA and a homeostatic modulation in humans exists, meaning a negative alteration of the hormonal balance. This indicates that alternations both solar/GMA and artificial electromagnetic pollution affects the melatonin balance, which simultaneously alters the signal strength of the Schumann Resonance. This leads to negative consequences regarding human health.

N J Cherry 2003 Human intelligence: the brain, an electromagnetic system synchronised by the Schumann Resonance signal. Med Hypotheses PMID:12699709 





With the discovery of the biological connection between the Schumann resonance and cellular timing systems for optimal homeostatic balance, this earth field can be acknowledged as a biological necessity. The scientist E. Jacobi, University of Duesseldorf (Germany), demonstrated that the absence of Schumann Resonances produced mental and physiological health problems within the human body.

W Ludwig 1999 Informative Medicine. Publisher for complete medicine Germany 




The Schumann Resonance can be compared to a radio station that provides a type of guide to awareness in the brain and optimal biological function of your entire body. Since the human nervous system evolved in relationship with the earth field resonance, it functions as a timing mechanism for optimal human performance. With the widespread use of wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Cell-Phones, Microwaves, etc.), we are now living in an environment which is literally "out of tune" with nature itself. Reintroducing this signal in a waveform coherent with life is vital to optimising our quality of life.

V D Rusov, K A Lukin, T N Zelentsova, E P Linnik, M E Beglaryan, V P Smolyar, M Filippov, B Vachev 2012 Can Resonant Oscillations of the Earth Ionosphere Influence the Human Brain Biorhythm 

  W Ludwig 1967 The Influence of Electrometric Signals on the Nervous System Thesis 

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Yanina Benevidez
So Grateful!!

I am So beyond grateful for these products. I have been taking one in the car with me and one at home and I genuinely have noticed an immense shift in my health, rest, clarity, nervous system and energetic field.

My daughter also has Autoimmune issues and its meant her health is MUCH more stable.

Thank you So So much!!

The BIO PAD is an absolute, must have essential item for every home!

I highly recommend every household to utilise the amazing
benefits of the BIO PAD - excellent for creating an absolutely calm and beautiful energy throughout the home. Best value!


I absolutely love our biopad! We just moved homes with kids in tow which was a monumental task, feeling exhausted we switched our biopad on and since then I’ve had such QUALITY sleep despite waking a few times each night to my baby. I wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated which is something I haven’t felt for a very long time and I credit the biopad. Only after a few days I’m feeling incredible and our family is sleeping better than ever. Great investment for one’s health and well-being

Great service and product

Very happy to have the Bio Pad in my home. So reassuring that its maintaining a healthy environment for my family.

Jim Cosdy
Perfect In My Office

Have had this in my office space for a while which is great as there is lots of people around plus noticed I’m not coughing from the aircon now. Interesting! Thanks